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About Hotline Express LLC
A reputation of quality and integrity soon developed. As customer needs dictated additional services, the notion of “custom freight service” was born. The company acquired the assets and clientele of North & South Logistics in 2003 and continued to expand its scope of services through the decade. 

Today, Hotline Express stands as a leader in local logistics.  We operate safely, efficiently, and debt-free.  What began as one man with a truck has become a regionally-acclaimed logistics provider through a commitment to higher standards of safety, service, and performance.  

Transportation logistics is an ever-evolving concept that always brings inherent challenges. One which many companies in eastern North Carolina used to face was finding a local and reliable provider of on-demand expedited services. Founder and CEO Gary Sharpe recognized a creative opportunity to apply his 20 years of experience in the trucking industry. Hotline Express LLC was incorporated soon after and made the first delivery with a used Chevy work van in August 2000.
Our mission is to provide custom transportation services of the highest quality to our clients by developing, training, and inspiring our people.